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I thought I’ll break the pattern a bit this week. As you may have already guessed, its not gonna be a night photograph.

I was camping in Elan Valley last weekend. One of my favorite places in mid wales. Stunning landscapes and most importantly minimal light pollution. I was camping in a mountain top overlooking couple of beautiful reservoirs. As planned, I did my night photography around mid night and went back to sleep. Walk up by the early dawn and songs by the birds (around about 5 am I guess). Dawn and its natural sounds in these remote places has always fascinated me. Popped my head out from the tent and just couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a beautiful scene…!! One worth all the trekking I’ve done to reach here. Sun has just been out, lighting up the mountain tops with its vibrant cool yellow. It was patchy and had its own shades as a result of the hazy and patchy clouds. Down below, the reservoirs were perfect mirrors. Tranquility at its best. The latest member to the scene was a mist rolling-in from my right, sweeping across the valley. It was such a treat to watch. I was tired with shooting in the night before but couldn’t miss this one, decided to capture the stunning show of nature and see whether I could combine all of it in to a single photograph. Also it was a good opportunity for me to test my latest toy Sony A7R II. Still early days, but I’m mighty impressed with the dynamic range the camera can handle.

Hope you like the photo, and be able to live the moment as well.

First Light – Elan Valley, UK

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