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I’m Deepal Ratnayaka. Thanks for taking time see my work.

Landscape Photography has always been my favourite pass-time. I believe this is largely due to where I grew up.  I was born and bred in Sri Lanka. Known by tourists around the world, Sri Lanka is famous for all kinds of tourist attractions such as beaches stretching to the horizon and mountains reaching up to heavens. I feel myself very lucky to have lived my childhood in one of the most Picturesque parts of the island close to Kandy (also known as ‘Hill Capital’)

After migrating to UK, it was the year 2010, I became serious about perusing my hobby. I bought my first DSLR and never stopped exploring since then. It took few years to settle in to my own style of photography. But its well worth the wait, its well worth the experimentation and its well worth the effort as now I have a concept which I can feel proud of.

By profession, I’m an IT Consultant. Although IT & photography looks worlds apart, I find them very compatible. Afterall both embrace creativity.

Have fun guys and enjoy my perspective of nature; don’t forget to share your thoughts as well..


Deepal Ratnayaka

(Proprietor – GreenglowPhotography)

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