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    - Deepal Ratnayaka (proprietor ,GreenGlowPhotography)

Stunning Landscape of Isle of Skye – Apr,2012

My initial visit to Skye back in 2010 was a brief one; not prolific in photographic sense at all. I was ever determined for a re-visit and then came Easter of 2012. The landscape of the isle was stunning as ever. I managed to capture the below moments despite the unwelcoming whether. Even the “moody” pictures tells a story about the natural beauty of Skye; no-wonder this is rated as one-of-the-best places to visit among nature lovers.

sumanth - the pebbles one is amazing…

Beautiful Hill Country of Sri Lanka – May,2012

It was a warmer May in Sri Lanka. In Kandy it was 26-28 C O throughout, during the couple weeks of my stay.  Hence I didn’t feel the usual chilliness in Sri Lankan “Hill Capital”. Well.. It’s all part of the same climate change we experience all over the world this year. However it was one of the best holidays I ever had. I managed to visit some of the stunningly beautiful places I planned for the last couple of years. Places I missed out… most definitely next year.

Area wise, Sri Lankan Hill Country is roughly 10 % of the whole island. Highest (or by average the tallest) portion lies within the Central Province in series of huge platforms such as Kandy and Hatton.  But it also cuts across other provinces such as Uva and Sabaragamuwa. Hill Country is famous for lush green tea plantations, crystal clear water falls, misty mountains, thick rain forests and most importantly its rugged land scape.

It’s not easy to show the width and breadth of the natural beauty of Sri Lankan Hill Country with a collection of photos. However I’m glad I managed to capture the below stunning moments.

Sun rise through the morning mist – Nuwara Eliya

Terraced paddy fields – Badulla

Beautiful City of Kandy

Lush green tea plantations – Nuwara Eliya

Golden sun-set – Hunnasgiriya
Flowing through the dense woods, Beliul Oya – Badulla

Lush green woods and crystal clear waters – Hunnasgiriya

Minutes after sun set – Nuwara Eliya

Fresh greeny early mornings – Hunnasgiriya

Glowing lights of “Dalada Maligawa”, the temple of tooth-relic – Kandy

Placid waters of “Sembuwaththa” Lake – Riverstan

Sun set @ high planes – Hunnasgiriya 

Water streams descending from the mountains – Riverstan

Evening reflections – Hunnasgiriya







sumanth - amazing dude all pics.. i will discuss how you took that the shot Flowing through the dense woods, Beliul Oya – Badulla

Sid Gohil - Astonishing, can’t find words to praise these, are you sure you took them all???? they look like paintings from someone too good…

I agree with Sumanth, how did you take – “Flowing through the dense woods, Beliul Oya – Badulla” & “Water streams descending from the mountains – Riverstan”?

Inoka Dissanayake - Sri Lanka, It’s a scenic wonderland…you perform miracles with your camera lenses. Well Done!

Inoka Dissanayake - I can smell the fresh air and feel the breeze on my skin. Thank you for sharing.

Mike Kemp - Great photos, makes me want to visit Sri Lanka! Did’t realise you had an alternative job working for the tourist board 🙂

Anjalee - This is beautiful and amazing nature… Indeed the beauty of God’s work is extremely awesome. Though the display keeps changing; blessed are those who capture the opportunity to cherish them and record them for others’ admiration. your work is just awesome …… you are a great photographer may you have a gorgeous future and life as well …keep doing this great work…thanks a lot for sharing.

Muditha n Bodhi - All the photoes were very nice n amazing. we can feel the fresh air in Belihul Oya n Riverstern pictures and also the Kandy city pictures too. Great job Keep it up

Wayne Marinovich - Hey Deepal.

Stunning landscape work here mate. Love your country man. Keep the good photos coming. Wayne

Deepal - Thanks for all the comments guys.. appreciate them all..

Lasantha - Malli,

Great photos. You are keeping all of us top of the world.I hope you are balancing both of your streams.

E94 batch.

sanjay saha - nice

Journey to the Nature Village Zermatt, Switzerland – Sept,2011

One of the most amazing trips I ever had. Zermatt is located southern Switzerland near French and Italian boarders, most importantly shadowed by Alps mountain range. Journey to Zermatt is as amazing as Zermatt itself. I took a fast train to VISP from Geneva Airport. From VISP to Zermatt it was a local train. Though the valleys passing beautiful swiss countryside with peaceful farm lands the train slowly climbed up to Zermatt. Gigantic mountain range passed one side to the other as the train took its twists and turns in this rugged terrain.View from the window starts with a water stream or lush green grass land by the edge of the rail way which usually ran to a farm land or woods. Soon after the farm, the tree cover takes-over which then stretches till half of the mountains. Next comes the rocky section of the mountain and finally glazier layer stretching to the top. Top of the glacier is under the cloud cover. This is pretty much the story of most of the mammoth mountains. From the edge of the rail way line over the mountain to the coluds it was one amazing array of contrasting colurs. Absolutely breath-taking.
Zermatt is a nature friendly city. Only electric vehicles are allowed. Vehicles relatively small so does the roads. No noise as such from vehicles. Strange isn’t it? “vehicles with no noise” yes it is strange, many times I tempted to cross the road and suddenly realized there is a taxi just at my “foot-step”.

I wouldn’t call this a city it’s a “Nature Village”. Zermatt was in a valley surrounded by ring of mountains. All the houses and buildings were wooden painted with nature friendly but fascinatingly contrasting colours. Thus understandably there were no sky scrapers, which added to the concept of the Nature Village.

Some houses and farm lands were on top of the rugged mountain land. In this tranquil set-up at times I heard no noise and for few minutes I felt as if I was deaf. Mostly this silence was broken by “cattle bells”. In this rugged mountain scape cattle could easily be lost thus each one of them are fitted with a bell which happen to ring every time they start eating grass. In peaceful Zermatt even cattle bells made a noticeable sound which would have been so insignificant anywhere else.

Ooops…. I couldn’t mention about the bells of the church. Church was in the middle of the city and when its bell rang it took the control of the whole surrounding. Where ever I go, I could see the giant mountain Matterhone overlooking Zermatt. And the crystal clear waters from Alps descending accross the city.

Next day of my trip was to Gornergrat. Gornagrat Bhan station is right in front of the railway station. Trains leave every 20-25 minutes. Journey to the top takes 33 minutes. If you ever happen to take this journey, sit on the right side of the train as it has the most stunning views. Train took me thorugh Findelbach, Riffealps, Riffelberg, Rotenborden and finally to Gornergrat. Gornergrat has a spectacular panoramic view on the surrounding Glacier mountain ranges. A restaurant and a hotel perfectly located for peaceful get-away.

I could take the train back to Zermatt but as usual decide to trek down to enjoy the best of nature. Although it took nearly 6 hours for me to reach Zermatt with all the photographic-spot-stops, usual time is 4 hours. Beleive me, its worth the effort for a nature lover.
Glacier Paradise is another option. Three cable cars take you to a mountain top called “Klein Matterhone”. Station is about 20 minutes walk from the main railway station in to the city along the river. First, small, non-stoping cable cars took me to Furi where I needed to change over to bigger cable car leaving every 15 minutes. Next station is Trockener Steg where in which I took the final cable car to Klein Katterhone which again leaves every 15 minutes. Overall the journey takes nearly 1 hour. Klein Matterhone is a skying paradise, full of snow and glazier all year long. But as usual panoramic view is spectacular. Definitely a trip worth trying.
Zermatt has so many other excursions such as Rothorn and Furgg. Also there are large number of designated trekking paths passing tranquil small lakes such as Stellisee, Leisee, Grunsee and Riffelsee. With its natural location, closeness to nature and amazingly organized tourism I strongly recommend Zermatt for peaceful memorable holiday.