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Weekly Photograph – “The Glow”

Wish you a very happy new year everyone…!!!

It has been a while since my last post. New house + new job, obviously didn’t leave much time for photography. As determined, here I am starting early in 2016. The photo I’m going to share today is from Sri Lanka, taken on November, 2013. It was a family holiday with my brother’s family and parents. The Location is Riverston in the central part of the country. Being part of the Knuckles Mountain range/conservation forest, Riverston is famous for its dramatic landscape with full of misty mountains. We stayed in St. John’s Bungalow, located in the heart of Riverston valley with very pretty looking views all around. It really was an amazing holiday. Most of the time it was like living in the clouds, the whole area was under thick fog. Fog lifts every now-and-then revealing the magical landscape. Any outdoor activity is almost impossible after 3-4 pm as the visibility drops sharply. It was then time for little chit-chats curled in the cosy sofas with the warmth of the fireplace and of course some singing with the complements of our acoustic guitarists & Congo drummers. Food was amazing too. What more do you want for a holiday…!!

Photograph below shows the front view of the bungalow on one misty evening. It was bit of a struggle with the fog, had to wait for the right moment but really glad with the shot. This is the second photo I’m publishing from the same holiday. My earlier post/photograph “Where Angles Descend“, ‎shows the view looking at the opposite direction from the same location. A testimony for the  beauty of the landscape I was talking about.

The Glow, Riverston, Sri Lanka

The Glow – Riverston, Sri Lanka

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Sir John's Bungalow, Knuckles, Sri Lanka. - Absolutely beautiful. Well captured.

Weekly Photograph – “Road to Outer-Space”

Greetings Folks,

This time around I was off to Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, UK. It’s the 5th in the whole world to be designated as an International Dark Sky Reserve. I’ve been to many parts of the national park mainly for mountain-trekking and landscape photography as I have always been a big fan of the rugged landscape and the magical sun sets and sun rises it produced. But this time I was after dark skys with the intention of capturing the  light sent by distant stars thousands and thousands of years ago.

Most of my photos have interesting “behind the scenes” stories; here comes the one for this photo.

My holiday was 5 days; however the only time I had the chance to photograph “Milkyway” was 2 hour window on my last night. My location this time was Usk reservoir which is about a 30-40 minutes drive from where I stayed. I was waiting for this moment from day one looking at the weather forecast praying for clear skys to stay; made my gear ready, location visited, perspective for the shot determined; all set to go.

Usk reservoir is a pretty remote place; on this night I reached there about 30 minutes before the moon-set, which happened to be 34 minutes pass midnight. I was waiting impatiently for the moon to set so that I get a dark enough sky to capture the milkyway and here comes clouds rolling-in out of no-where shattering all my hopes. For a moment I thought, why can it not be more simpler, I meant weather sticking with the forecast 🙁 Not gonna happen.. ever…Errr .. !!! I quickly set up my gear, tried couple of shots but the clouds covered the best part of the milkyway by then. Waited for some time, no sign of a change so headed back. When I reached the cottage the entire sky was covered with clouds. I went inside, put my gear back where they were and changed my self. Just before going to bed around 2 am a crazy thought crossed my mind, just once to open the door and check the sky, jjjjjjust in case. Wallah.. never before in my life I loved a crazy idea as this, most of the clouds have disappeared especially from the south. I quickly got in to my suit, grabbed my gear ran outside. The beauty of breacon beacons is that it is reasonably dark everywhere, I only had about 20-30 minutes before the night starts fading away to day hence quickly selected my spot and perspective and captured what I was after. With the level of darkness not being “platinum or gold rated” I had to use the concept of ETTR (Exposed to the right) to capture the faint-ish light to the level I wanted with less noise. Few final shots with the flash-on to capture the foreground to stitch my story completed my little adventure. I never thought I could capture milkyway 100 m away from the cottage, no wonder Breacon Beacons is a dark sky reserve.

Nothing much to say about post processing except the fact that I had to work little harder than my last milkyway photo from Exmoor National Park as the light pollution is relatively higher.

One crazy thought, gave me a much needed picture. Oh.. I love my crazy thoughts 🙂 I hope you like the result.

Road to Outer-Space, Wales, UK

Road to Outer-Space, Wales, UK

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Weekly Photograph – “So Close yet So Far”

Greetings Folks,

If you liked my last couple of light paintings you’re gonna Lllllllove this 🙂 . Photos like this make me go out in cold nights over and over again leaving my confi bed; made if whole worthwhile.

I captured the below beauty couple of weeks back in Exmoor National Park, UK. Exmoor is renowned for its dark sky s and I always loved stargazing over there. It was a reasonably good day; morning was cloudy and cleared up gradually giving away to crystal clear sky s by midnight. Weather forecast predicted 3 hours of clear sky s but considering moon (set) and the orientation of the milky-way (rise), I had a tiny 1 hour before the clouds started rolling in again. To my advantage, it was a cold night hence I as well as the camera could see stars very clearly. It was so cold I had to heat my lens (even for 15-20 shots).

The photo is made up with 15 shots; single shot for the sky and 14 for the foreground (light painting). Sky was shot at F2.8, ISO 3200 and 30 seconds exposure. I purposely chose not to track due to the limited time I had.

Looking at the final image, I guess I did justice to the moment I witnessed. Enjoying the night sky from a dark place like Exmoor is like a fairy tale coming true. At the arrival to the site all I saw as stars, stars and more stars. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, when I looked up in to the sky, there it was the illusive and impressive Milky-way. so fascinating I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so clear. I was speechless and overwhelmed in joy when my tablet screen lit up with what camera captured each time. As I said, it made the whole effort worth while.

Hope you enjoy the photo too …!!!

So Close yet So Far - Exmoor, UK

So Close yet So Far – Exmoor, UK

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