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Weekly Photograph – “Somewhere Ancient; Somewhere Beautiful”

Greeting Folks,

Last Saturday presented the ideal night for astrophotography. Very cold & clear and no moon to get in the way. I was off for stargazing with my group HantsAstro. We had a wonderful few hours enjoying the enormous night sky in our premium site Butser Ancient Farm (BAF). Although travelling up & down from where I live takes nearly 3 hours, I always loved our little gatherings as it gives the opportunity to chill-out and enjoy night sky from a very dark site undisturbed by the street/city lights. And photos like the below are testimonials of how remarkable the whole experience is.

Now, it’s time to talk about the photo. As I visited the place before, I had this idea locked on to me hence knew exactly what I was after. Selecting the perspective for the photo took about 30 minutes. I wanted to capture the stars while the sky was clear hence started with the sky first; set the camera to capture 200 shots 30 seconds each, 3 seconds apart (F 2.8, ISO 1000). That was for the star trails. Then came the time for foreground. During the two hours + , while camera was busy capturing stars, I worked out exactly how I wanted to light this beautiful “medieval-hut”. I took about 30 to 40 photos lighting the hut and the surrounding the way I want. I always love this part of the photo shoot (technically “light-painting”) the most because it’s the bit that brings creativity in to the whole scene. Each and every lighting stroke had to be meticulously planned and executed and most importantly examined in the camera before going to the next. Yes, same small piece of the hut/surrounding had to be lit over and over again sometimes till I got it perfect; but I loved every bit of it because when it comes up in camera display exactly the way I want, I cannot really explain the joy it brings :).

I used white light from my small torch for most of the light painting. An additional warm yellow colour-gel was used to light the Interior of the hut. For these shots, I set the camera to F8 and ISO 800; exposure time of course was different from one shot to the other.

Nothing much to say about post processing apart from being bit creative. To sum-up, 230 + exposures in one photo;

Am I pleased with the end result? .. YES I am 🙂 ; I sincerely believe the photo did justice to the beautiful Site and the awesome night we enjoyed.

Hope you will like it too..

Somewhere Ancient Somewhere Beautiful, Hampshire, UK

Somewhere Ancient Somewhere Beautiful, Hampshire, UK

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Robert Clarke - Love the shot at Butser !! I have just started to think of doing some astro photography.

Just reading up on it and watching some of the stuff on you tube.
Any advice would be most welcome

Again , great shot !

Bob Clarke

Deepal - Hi Rob,

Thanks for taking time to see my shot at Butser and for your comment. I’m planning to do a write-up on tips & tricks of night photography including the type of astrophotography I do in the near future will certainly share with you once published.


Deepal Ratnayaka

Weekly Photograph – “Lighthouse Sunset”

Greetings Folks,

This moment was captured in August, 2013 in Fishguard, UK. This is one of my favorite photos. To start off, I love the perspective of the scene; setting sun, sea & rugged beach and of course the gorgeous Sumblehead Lighthouse in the foreground. The location was specifically selected for its natural set-up so that I could capture sea, rugged beach, lighthouse and the setting sun as well using a wide-angel lens. Time of the year was also very carefully selected as the heather reveals it’s best colors in August.

When selecting the right perspective I spent more that 1 hour meticulously planning my frames such that I capture everything  the moment had to offer which I could use to recreate the right mode of the scene. Certainly one photo was not adequate to capture the entire dynamic range especially sun in the frame. I therefore set the camera to capture 5 bracketed photos 1 EV apart. Now, to the trickiest part; when to fire the camera. Over the years of capturing sunsets I knew there is a narrow window of about 3-4 seconds where the rays of the sun has a unique, warm golden hue. Not that the light is not golden before and after but this is much more appealing. Well, guess what guys.. I did capture this “window-of-opportunity” hence the camera recorded  vibrant heather dressed with golden colors of dying sun.

I loved this moment so much that I’ve written down what I saw and how I felt in a note pad so that I won’t miss out anything during post processing. I processed the photos twice. I didn’t like the result first time as it didn’t express the mode of the scene very well. But it certainly did in the second time hence thought of sharing with you guys.

Gear Used : Nikon D800 body, Nikon 14-24mm 2.8f G ED Lens, Tripod, Cable Shutter Release

Location : Stumblehead Lighthouse, Fishguard, UK

Lighthouse Sunset, Fishguard, UK

Lighthouse Sunset, Fishguard, UK

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Sridhar - Wow simply superb!!!

Weekly Photograph – “The Mirror”

Greetings Folks,

Today, I thought of taking you to Norway. My wife and I spent a holiday in Falm, Norway in May,2013. One morning we were off enjoying what Flam had to offer and saw this waterfall from the distance. On the approach we saw this awesome reflection from the road. I didn’t need any invitation to pull-over the car and “snap it”.

So, it was a relatively easy photo shoot. But I took years, multiple attempts in post processing; for some strange reason till this moment I could not recreate the exact moment I saw. To my surprise, it was the white balance which required fixing. Bizarre …!!! ; this also shows how important getting the correct color temperature is in a photo.

Hope you like it too and may be encouraged to visit Flam 🙂 believe me, you wont regret it…!!!

The Mirror - Flam, Norway

The Mirror – Flam, Norway


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